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Logging into and out of VEMS

You can access VEMS through any standard Internet browser.

To log into VEMS

1. Open an Internet browser session.

2. In the browser’s address field, enter the VEMS URL.


Contact your EMS administrator if you need assistance.

The VEMS Default page opens.


3. Under My Account, click Log In. The VEMS Login page opens.


4. In the User ID field, enter your User ID, which is either your network email address or your network User ID.

5. In the Password field, enter your password.


If you do not know your User ID, contact your EMS administrator. If you do not know your password, you can click Email me my password to have an email that contains your password automatically sent to your network email address.

6. Click Login.

The toolbar on the VEMS Default page is updated with the following menu options—Browse, Reservations, My Account, and Admin. The My Account option is also displayed. In the upper right corner of the Default page, Welcome <User Name> is displayed. If you have been granted delegate access to other web users’ accounts, then your user name is displayed in a dropdown list along with the names of these web users. You can assume the identity of any of these web users by picking the appropriate name in the dropdown list.


For information about creating a delegate, see Creating Delegate Accounts”.

VEMS Home page


To log out of VEMS

Under My Account, click Log Out.