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Configuring Web Menus

When VEMS is first installed, the main menu has a default layout that determines the following:

• The default parent menu options

• The order of the parent options in the main menu

• The child options that appear under each parent menu option

• The order of the child options under each parent menu option

You can add your own user-defined options to the main menu or child options to a parent menu. These items can be links to VEMS pages or to websites outside VEMS.

To configure web menus

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Web > Web Menus.

The Web Menus window opens. This window lists all the current parent menu items and child options in alphabetical order.

Web Menus window


2. Click New.

The Web Menu dialog box opens. The Web Menu tab is the active tab.

Web Menu dialog box, Web Menu tab


3. Enter the information for the new web menu item.



Menu Text

The text for the item as it is to appear on the VEMS menu.


Enter a number that indicates the order in which this menu option is to appear relative to other parent menu items or relative to other menu items that fall under the same parent menu. Items are ordered from lowest to highest sequence number, with the item with the lowest sequence number appearing first.

Note: If you leave the sequence set to the default value of zero for all menu items, then by default, the items are displayed alphabetically.


Enter the URL, or web address, for the link, for example,

Parent Menu

Select the parent menu (the menu under which the item is found) for the item. If this item is to be a new parent menu item, then select (none).

New Window

Select this option if the destination for this new menu item is to open in a new browser window (with VEMS remaining open behind the new window).

Authenticated Users Only

Select this option if access to this new menu item is to be restricted to only those users who have logged in to VEMS.

4. If translations have been defined for web templates (see Configuring Web Cultures), then open the Translations tab, and for each translation, click in the Text field, and enter the appropriate translation for the menu item.

5. Click OK.

The Web Menu dialog box closes. You return to the Web Menus window with the newly configured menu option displayed in the window.


If you have VEMS open, you might have to log out and then log back in to see the new menu item.