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Configuring Additional Information for a Web User


After you have configured a new web user in your EMS database with the basic web user information, you have the option of configuring additional information for the web user. You can create a group from the web user and you can create a contact from the web user.

To configure additional information for a web user

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Configuration > Web > Web Users. The Web Users window opens. In the upper left corner, the number of web users currently in use for VEMS is displayed.


2. Specify any combination of search criteria, and then click Display to produce a list of all web users that meet the criteria.


If you leave the Find field blank, then a list of all currently active web users that meet your search criteria is displayed. If you enter a search string in the Find field, the string is not case-sensitive, but your search is limited to the exact order of the characters in the string and it must begin with the information for which you are searching. For example, a search string of Bar returns Barry Jones, but not Amanda Barry.

3. Continue to one of the following:

To configure a group from a web user” below.

To configure a contact from a web user”.

To configure a group from a web user

1. Select the web user from which you are creating a group, and then click More > Create Group. The Group dialog box opens. The Group tab is the active tab. By default, the Name field is populated with the name of the selected web user, but you can edit this value if needed.


2. Configure the new group as needed. See To configure groups”.

To configure a contact from a web user

1. Select the web user from which you are creating a contact, and then click More > Create Contact. The Groups window opens.


2. Search for the group for which you are creating the contact. See To search for a group and/or contact”.

3. Select the group on the Results tab, and then click Select. The Contact dialog box opens.


4. Enter the information for the new contact.




By default, the Contact field is populated with the name of the web user that you selected, but you can edit this value if needed.

Note: The name can be a maximum of 50 characters, including spaces.


The title (Mr., Ms., Dr., and so on) of the contact.


Populated with the name of the group that you selected. You cannot change this value.


Populated with the address of the group that you selected. If the contact address is not the same as the group address, then clear Use Group Address and enter the appropriate values in the Address fields.


Select this option to drop the State and Zip fields for an international group.



The phone number and fax number for the group.

Note: The Phone and Fax fields have a dropdown list available on which you can select a different value (Fax, Mobile, Other, or Phone) for the field label, or you can enter a user-defined value. To enter a user-defined value, double-click the current field label to select it, and then enter the user-defined value over the selected label.

Email Address

The email address for the contact.

Note: If your computer is connected to a network, click the Search icon emssg_VEMSInfo_image022.png to open a Global Address Lookup dialog box and search for the email address.

External Reference

Links the contact to an outside program if needed.


Any other information that is pertinent for the contact.

Set as Default

Select this option if the contact is to be the default contact for the selected group.

Note: If a default contact has been defined for a group, then when you specify the group information for a reservation, the Contact field is automatically populated with the name of the default contact.

Note: You can always specify a contact as the default contact for a selected group at a later date. To do so, select the contact in the right pane of the group-specific window, click Set Default, and then click Yes at the prompt to set the selected user as the default contact.


Leave this option blank to add the contact as an active contact. Select this option to inactivate the contact.

5. Optionally, click Spelling to spell check the information for the contact before you save it.

6. Click OK. The Contact dialog box closes. The contact is created from the web user and added to the group. The group-specific window opens, and Contacts is selected by default.