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Portal Authentication


The Portal Authentication method provides Virtual EMS single sign-on capability using your organization’s portal (e.g. SiteMinder, Plumtree, uPortal, etc.).  When a user logged into your portal accesses Virtual EMS, a predefined user-specific variable (e.g. email address, employee/student ID, network ID, etc.) captured by your portal/sign-on page is compared against corresponding information recorded in the Network ID and/or External Reference fields of your EMS Web User records.  If a match exists, the Web User will be automatically logged-into Virtual EMS.

Note:  The Field Used to Authenticate Web User Virtual EMS Parameter (within System Administration > Settings > Parameters (Virtual tab)) is used by Virtual EMS to determine which value should be used for authentication.

Several built-in authentication methods to pass-in credentials are available including:

  • Server Variable (Header Variable)
  • Session
  • Form
  • Cookie
  • Query String
  • Federated (SAML)

For a more detailed explanation of the authentication methods outlined above, please see the Appendix


  1. Within the Virtual EMS Parameters area of EMS (System Administration > Settings > Parameters (Virtual tab)), the following parameters must be set accordingly:






Portal Authentication Cookie Key

Required if Portal Authentication Method = Cookie



Portal Authentication Method


Server Variable




Query String



Portal Authentication Variable

User variable to be compared against the EMS Web User External Reference/Network ID field

  1. Direct users to the default Virtual EMS page:

(http://[ServerName]/ VirtualEMS/Default.aspx )
replace [ServerName] with the name of your web  server)