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EMS VEMS Release Notes V43 Update 8b

Area Description
Filters Not Translated for French Canadian

The window title for Filters from the Browse Events page was not translated for French Canadian.

Fix: Modified web cultures so that the page is translated as expected.

Browse for Space
Buildings and Rooms Shown in Server Timezone for Guest Users

When unauthenticated users browsed for space in buildings or rooms in a different time zone, calendars showed in the server time zone rather than the users' local time zone.

Fix: Modified validations to show space availability in the user's local time zone.

Misspelling On My Bookings Page

The mobile My Bookings page had a misspelling, "Betwen" instead of "Between."

Fix: Corrected the misspelling.

Service Cutoff Period Not Observed During Edit

When users changed the date/time for a room request such that it was outside the cutoff period for a service such as catering, they were still able to add the service.

Fix: Modified validations to enforce the service category cutoff period so users cannot add a service outside the cutoff period.

Features Filter Absent For Video Conferences

When users booked an event using a process template that enabled the features filter to display, and changed the booking to a video conference, the filter no longer displayed.

Fix: Modified functionality to ensure that the filter displays as expected for video conferences.