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EMS Software, LLC

December 2016

Patch 2016.12.06.0
Client 43.0.389
EMS Kiosk
EMS API 1.1.39

EMS Kiosk

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution


Web Traffic Security Vulnerabilities

The web application sent non-secure user and session information (cookies) during encrypted (SSL) sessions, exposing vulnerable information.

Added ANtiForgery validation to all Ajax HttpPost calls and added verb tampering redirection to prevent non http or Get calls being made to Kiosk so web traffic no longer exposes user and session information.


Bookings Fail in Slovakian

Users were unable reserve a room using a profile with default translation in Slovak.

Modified functionality to ensure that bookings succeed using Slovakian translation.


Reported Issue
Issue Resolution


Security Vulnerability

Security vulnerabilities were identified in the javascript file Jquery.min.js.

Updated the jQuery JavaScript Library to a version higher than 1.4.4,  and the jQuery UI Library to a version higher than 1.8.17.

New Reservations

Incorrect Building Hours Violation for Overnight and Recurrent Meetings

When users attempted to book space starting on one day and ending on the next (overnight), or they attempted to book a recurrent meeting, the booking failed due to a building hours violation.

Modified booking rules validations to ensure that bookings succeed even when recurrent or spanning midnight.

EMS Campus

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Academic Book

Instructor View of Courses Unavailable When Listing All Subjects

When users navigated to the course view for a specific instructor and included all subjects, the view was empty.

Modified the view to show all courses for an instructor in all subjects as expected.

Cross Listed Courses

Changes to Cross-Listed Courses Not Updated After Synch

When users changed multiple cross-listed courses that had a single parent reservation, their changes were not updating in the EMS database after the first synchronization.  

Modified the SIS updates so that these changes update in the EMS database. 

Publish Courses

Cross-Listed Courses Missing Info, Slow Performance

When users published a term that included cross-listed courses, conflict handling caused slow performance, errors, and the courses were missing course dates.

Modified conflict handling so that data is published efficiently and the issues no longer occur.


Canceling One Meeting Pattern Updates Course Status Incorrectly

When users canceled one meeting pattern for a published term that had more than one meeting pattern, the reservation status incorrectly changed to Canceled.

Modified validations so the reservation status remains Confirmed as long as one confirmed meeting pattern exists in the course.

Campus > Tools > Wizard > Delete Items

Error Occurs Incorrectly When Deleting Service

When users deleted services from rooms using the Delete Items wizard, an error presented although the deletion was successful. 

Modified the display so the error does not present when deletion is successful. 

EMS Desktop Client


Time Zone Enhancement: Update to Remove Daylight Savings Time from Turkish Time Zones

Modified time zone definitions throughout EMS to account for the Turkish government's decision to no longer observe Daylight Savings Time.

Reported Issue
Issue Resolution

Reservation Book

User Access for Combo Rooms Not Observed

Bookings for combo rooms and their components did not display as intended when users did not have access to combo rooms but did have access to component rooms: the Reservation Book displayed the booking to these users as if it were in one of the component rooms in the combo when it should have displayed as being in all the component rooms for which the users had been assigned access.

Modified validations to ensure that users who do not have access to combo rooms will see the booking in the appropriate component rooms in the Reservation Book. Additionally, modified the display so that these users can see when combo and component rooms are blocked. 

Configuration > Everyday User Applications > Everyday Users

Filtering By Both City and Process Template Fails

When searching for Everyday Users, with the "Everyday Users linked to Groups via External Reference" parameter turned on, filtering results by both City and Process Template returned a list of all records.

Modified the list to filter correctly.

Configuration > Facilities  > Rooms

Non-Admin Users Unable to Set Room Request/Reserve Preferences on Booking Templates

When non-administrative users configured rooms, the Web Process Template tab was unavailable.

Modified the Room Configuration page to enable the Web Process Template tab when expected.


Building Level Check-In

Building Check-in Times Incorrect on Printed Form

When users printed the Building Check-in Form, check-in times incorrectly showed in the server time zone.

Modified the printed form to show the time zone in the user's preferred time zone (set in the "Display Audit Times In This Time Zone" preference).



Notifications Not Triggered for Date/Time, Status, or Room Changes

When users changed dates or times, status, or room for events that had notification rules to email participants such as event coordinators, and there were additional notification rules for the events set to monitor other status changes, the date/time change notifications did not occur.

Modified validations to ensure that notifications are sent to participants as expected.


Resources From Setup Worksheet Out of Order

When users used a setup worksheet to add resources to bookings, they were listed in the wrong order and groupings.

Modified import sequence for setup worksheet so that resources now show in chronological and category groupings.

Automated Reports Service

Automated Reports Service Not Running

The service for version 44 was not starting.

Modified the service to start as expected.


Reported Issue
Issue Resolution


Some customers required additional support when integrating with third-party room signs that required combo room information.

Added the GetBookingHistory API call, which provides the combo room information including Room ID to support  additional room-sign integration.