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Viewing and Working With an Event

Tip: Depending on how your EMS Kiosk is configured, you might be required to enter a personnel number/employee ID number instead of a user name.

Process Overview:

To see and work with an event, you will,

  • Search for events by user or group name or ID
  • Choose an event from the search results
  • View details of the event and (optionally) check-in, view floor plans, end now, or cancel.
  1. On the kiosk, tap My Reservations. A page opens with options for searching for a group/person.
  2. In the Group field, enter a user name or group name (or part of one), and then click Search. A list of all groups/people that meet your search criteria is displayed. The search is limited to the exact order of the characters in the string but the string can be found anywhere in the search results and it is not case-sensitive. For example, a search string of “ed” returns both Anderson, Scott and Evans, Dean.
  3. Click the Group icon emsk_MyReservations_image003.png next to the entry for you in the search results. The My Reservations page displays all your reservations for today.

Tip: For an overview of options on this page, See Also: Options on the My Events Page.

The following options may also be available on this page:

  • View the event on a floor map
  • Check yourself into an event (click Check-in icon  next to the booking), or check into all available bookings (select the Check In All icon  at the top of the page).
  • End an in-progress event early (click the End Now emsk_MyReservations_image010.png icon for the event).
  • Cancel an event if you are not going to use the reserved space for the event (click the Cancel icon emsk_MyReservations_image011.png for the event).