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Locating a Person in EMS Kiosk (Legacy)

The Locate a Person page in EMS Kiosk (Legacy) enables you to locate a person who has reservations scheduled for today. The page displays all of today’s reservations for the selected person. You may also be able to view the person’s check-in status on this page.

  1. Click Locate a Person. A page opens with options for searching for a group/person.

Group/Person Search page


  1. In the Group field, enter your search criteria.
  2. Click Search. A list of all groups/people that meet your search criteria is displayed.

Note: The search is limited to the exact order of the characters in the string but the string can be found anywhere in the search results and it is not case-sensitive. For example, a search string of “ed” returns both Anderson, Scott and Phillips, Dean.

Example of search results for a group/person


  1. Click the Group icon emsk_LocatePerson_image003.png next to the appropriate group/person in the search results. The Locate a Person page displays all of today’s reservations for the selected group/person. This page might also display the group’s/person’s status (checked into a building/checked out of a building).

Locate a Person Page


  1. Optionally, to view a floor map of a building in which an event for the selected group/person is scheduled, click the View Map icon emsk_LocatePerson_image005.png for the event.

Sample Building Floor Map


  1. To return to the Today’s Event page after viewing a floor map, click Back, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the Floor Map page.