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EMS Software, LLC

Implementation Considerations

You should consider the following when deciding whether to buy Glance:

  1. You need to know when the Glance app stops running by receiving an email notification (ideally), or by watching a central monitoring display. EMS does not provide this capability, however, so you should physically check your tablets to see if Glance has stopped.
  2. For the tablets running Glance, you need to know if the battery fails, or if connectivity has been lost, or if the operating system wants to update to a new version. EMS does not detect these conditions remotely. In order to monitor these issues, we recommend that you use a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

If you are running glance on an iPad, you should also consider:

  1. If the iPad's battery dies, the iPad will return to its home screen after you restore power. At that point, you must configure Guided Access again for the Glance app. To do so, follow the instructions here.
  2. If a user presses the iPad's Home button, Guided Access displays a passcode screen. The screen disappears after fifteen seconds or if the user presses 'Cancel.' Note that users should not be able to press any tablet buttons if you use a tablet enclosure.
  3. If a user presses both the iPad's Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, the iPad restarts. At that point, you must configure Guided Access again for the Glance app. To do so, follow the instructions here. Note that users should not be able to press any tablet buttons if you use a tablet enclosure.
  4. iOS devices occasionally display notifications that a software update is available. There is no way to suppress update notifications. When this notification appears, the user can choose "Later" but the notification will appear again in 24 hours. If the user chooses "Install Now," the iPad downloads and installs the update and then restarts. At that point, you must configure Guided Access again for Glance. To do so, follow the instructions here.

Considerations for running glance on an Android tablet:

  1. Ideally, Glance takes over the tablet so that it cannot be used for anything else. However, Android provides no capability to lock down the tablet in a way that's suitable for Glance. Therefore, we recommend deploying Glance with an Android app that puts the tablets in 'kiosk' mode. Placing the tablet in kiosk mode prevents users from accessing other applications and also disable the 'Home' button. We recommend that you purchase, install and configure the Kioware Lite app.
  2. If you run Glance on a Samsung Tab A, users can power off the tablet by holding down the power button. If you have configured Kioware according to our recommendations, Glance will restart as soon as the tablet is powered on. To prevent users from pressing the home button, you must use the appropriate enclosure.