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EMS for Outlook Customization Options


To change the “EMS Room Scheduling” label:

  1. Log into EMS.
  2. Navigate to System Administration > Settings > Parameters and select the Virtual tab.
  3. In the Area drop-down, select EMS for Outlook.
  4. Select Text to display under icon in EMS for Outlook and click Edit.
  5. Save your changes and click OK
  6. Click Close.


To change the EMS for Outlook icon:

  1. Secure your new icon file. The icon must be of file type BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG. The new icon should have a resolution of 32 x 32 pixels.
  2. Ensure the new logo file is named CustomLogo.bmp (or other extension listed above).
  3. Drop the new custom icon into the EMS for Outlook installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\EMS for Outlook.  This step must be performed after the EMS for Outlook plugin has been installed on the workstation.

Note: Microsoft Outlook needs to be restarted for either of these changes to take effect.

EMS Configuration

EMS must be configured properly in order to activate the EMS for Outlook Add-in for a particular Outlook user.  An Outlook user’s EMS Web User account is used by the EMS for Outlook Add-in to establish their room booking privileges (via which Web Process Template(s) they’re assigned to) in addition to deriving which EMS Group(s) the appointment can be booked on behalf of.

The following must exist in your EMS database in order to activate EMS for Outlook for a specific user:

  • An active EMS Web User account must exist.
  • The EMS Web User account must be assigned to at least one Web Process Template with the Outlook option enabled.
  • The EMS Web User account must be linked to an active EMS Group record (via the External Reference field; see Linking and EMS Web User Account to a Group Record below) or, at a minimum, be able to book on behalf of at least one Group record (see Assigning Group Record(s) to a Web User Account below.)

Defining an Outlook Web Process Template

Please see the EMS Setup Guide for instructions on how to create a Web Process Template.

When defining a Web Process Template, simply select the Outlook option.  The Outlook Conflict – Email Options tab allows you to specify your messaging for the email received by the Outlook user if a conflict is encountered during the booking process.



Complete the remaining tabs as documented in the EMS Setup Guide. Once you have defined your Outlook Web Process Template(s), assign it to your Web User(s). 

Linking an EMS Web User Account to a Group Record (Typical)

An EMS Web User account is matched to a Group record via the External Reference field.  This can be verified for a specific user by comparing the External Reference field on their Group record (located on the Billing Information tab within Reservations > Reservations > Groups) and Web User account (located on the Web User tab within Configuration > Web > Web Users).

These values can be set automatically if your organization is using the HR Toolkit module.  Please see the HR Toolkit Installation Instructions for more information.

Assigning Group Record(s) to a Web User Account

A Group record is assigned to a Web User account within Configuration > Web > Web Users.

Silent/Unattended Installation

Command for unattended /silent installation of the EMSForOutlook.msi (replace [ServerName] with the name of your web server):

msiexec /I EMSForOutlook.msi /quiet WSURL=”http://[ServerName]/PAMWebService/Service.asmx”