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Approving or Denying Reservation Requests

To approve reservations submitted from EMS Web App, you typically use the Change Status option on the Reservation Summary tab in the Navigator. Your EMS administrator must grant you the appropriate security access to change the status of a booking, which includes canceling a booking.

Tip: To approve multiple requests using the Change Booking Status Wizard,
See Also: Editing Multiple Bookings in the Navigator.

  1. Open the reservation in the Navigator
  2. In left pane in the Navigator, select the request you are approving or denying, and then on the Reservation Summary tab, click Change Status
  3. The Change Booking Status or Change Reservation Status window opens. Select the new Status for the request.















Tip: If you select any type of Canceled status, three additional required fields display: Reason, Who Cancelled and Notes. For status changes to bookings, you can leave Update Reservation Status selected to change the parent reservation status to match. You can select Send Confirmation If Successful to trigger an email to the group or individual for whom the reservation was made (depending on your Confirmation Settings).

  1. Enter a Reconfirm Date (if required) for the new status you selected.
  2. Click Next. The Select Bookings window opens, listing all the current and upcoming bookings for the reservation that do not have invoiced items. All the bookings are automatically pre-selected. You can use the Hide Cancelled Bookings and Hide Old Bookings options to manipulate the list.














  1. Select the booking(s) for which you wish to change changing the status, and then click Finish. The Change Booking Status Results window displays to show booking status changes for this reservation.











Tips: To see only bookings that were not changed, select Show Unchanged Only. To view the details for a specific booking that was changed, select the booking, and then click Go To.

If you reserve a resource and then edit the date, time, location, or status of a booking, and there is a resource inventory conflict, a Resource Inventory Conflicts report opens when you Close this window. You can manually run a Resource Inventory Conflict report: in the Bookings folder of the Navigator, select Tools > Resource Inventory Conflict.

8. Click Close to close the Change Status Results window and return to the Navigator.