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Using the Delete Item Wizard

If you wish to remove an item from a booking (and it has not already been invoiced), you can use the Delete Item Wizard to delete it. You can delete one item at a time or you can all the items for a booking detail. If you delete an item at the package level, this includes all the items in the package. You can also delete individual items from a package.

  1. Open the Navigator
  2. Select the reservation that contains multiple bookings with items you wish to delete, then click Tools, and then click Delete Item Wizard
  3. In the first window of the wizard, select the category to which the items you wish to delete belong, and then click Next; the dropdown list only shows categories for items that exist within this reservation.
  4. The window refreshes to show items within this category that you can delete. The example below shows furniture resources that were added to bookings under the chosen reservation.

Tip: You can narrow the list using the Grouping field and Delete Empty Categories option.

  1. Select items in the list you wish to delete, then click Next
  2. The next screen lists all bookings under the reservation to which you can apply the deletion.
  3. Select the booking(s) for which you wish to delete the resource items (you can click Select All to select all the displayed bookings in a single step), and then click Finish. A message opens indicating that the changes were made successfully.
  4. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator.