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Using the Delete Booking Details Wizard

You use the Delete Booking Details Wizard to delete one or more booking details that do not have invoiced items from multiple bookings in a single step. When you delete a booking detail from a booking, any items that have been added for the detail are also deleted.

  1. Find and select the parent reservation in the Navigator, click Tools, and then click Delete Booking Details Wizard
  2. The first window of the Delete Booking Details Wizard lists all the categories (booking details) that are already in use for any of the bookings in the selected reservation.
  3. Select the category of details you wish to delete (or click Select All to select all categories in a single step)), and click Next
  4. The next window lists all the bookings for the selected reservation. Select the booking(s) for which you wish to delete details.
  5. Once you have selected the bookings to which you wish to apply the deleting, click Finish. A message confirms your changes.

7. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator.