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Using the Copy Booking Details Wizard

You use the Copy Booking Details Wizard to copy details from one booking to another booking under the same reservation.

  1. Open the parent reservation in the Navigator. 
  2. In left pane the Navigator, select the reservation or booking with which you wish to work. 
  3. In the Bookings pane, click Tools, and then click Copy Booking Details Wizard
  4. The Copy Booking Details Wizard pops up, listing all the bookings for the selected reservation.

Tips: You can change the reservation from which to copy details by clicking the Search icon emsum_Navigator_image074.png 
You can narrow the list by selecting a Category. You can clear the Copy Inactive Resources/Rooms if you want to carry over these items.

  1. Select the booking(s) for which you wish to copy details and click Next
  2. The next window lists the details you can copy.

Tip: Use the Hide Cancelled Bookings and Hide Old Bookings options to manipulate the list.

7. Select the booking detail(s) (you can click Select All to select all the displayed bookings in a single step), and then click Finish. A message confirms the copy.

8. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator.