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Add Booking Details Wizard

 Concept: What are Services, Categories, and Resources? (click to expand)
Booking details are also called categories.
These are the services (catering, A/V equipment, and so on), notes, attendees or visitors, activities, or room charges that you can add to a booking. 
Booking detail items, also called resources, are the individual items (coffee, sandwich, projector, and so on) that you add to a booking detail.
When you add a resource to a booking, for example, coffee, various selections might be available or required, for example, regular, decaf, Italian roast, breakfast blend, and so on. Depending on how your EMS administrator has configured your categories, a resource might require service order times to be specified.
A booking detail might include a service order.
A service order is a request to use the resource for a specified time period as opposed to using the resource for the entire event. For example, an event that meets from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, might have food service from 11:00 am to noon. A service order consists of the service type, start and end times, and a unique, system-generated service order ID. For a catering booking detail, you can also indicate estimated count, guaranteed count, and actual count. You can create multiple service orders in the same booking. For example, you might have a number of catering services (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments) in the course of a one day training event.

If your booking template is designed so you can add details such as catering, audio/video equipment, or housekeeping to a meeting, you will see fields for these options in the details screens for the booking. 

Process Overview:

To add services, equipment, and other resources to an existing meeting, you will:

  • Navigate to the event.
  • Add services and so on to the event.
  • Save your changes and send notifications.
  • (If the request requires approval) Follow up on your service order request.
  1. Open the reservation. 
    See Also: for an in-depth overview of Booking Details you may see for existing events in the Navigator, see Booking Details and Items Overview. This topic simply guides you in adding a service order to a booking.
  2. Focus the Navigator on the booking within that reservation for which you wish to add services, equipment, etc. and click the Tools button, then select Add Booking Details Wizard (your Administrator may have re-labeled this option; if it does appear, services are not allowed for this type of booking). 

  1. Add a Service order: In the Add Booking Details popup window that presents, select a category of service or equipment you wish to add. The fields on the right panel change depending on the selection you make. 
  2. When you have completed the fields in the right panel, click the Next button. EMS Desktop Client advances you through the information you must enter to complete the service order. Tabs and fields that display to you vary depending on how the type of service is configured for your organization. The example below shows a catering service order that is defined to allow you to add menu items; two have been added to the right panel which indicates menu items to be included with the order (in this case, for 5 servings). The same type of window displays for other types of services such as equipment; the only difference is that the items may be human activities such as setup, teardown, opening windows, turning on lights, and so on.

    Tip: You may even be able to add notes and other details to each menu item by selecting it and clicking the Edit button. Click OK to save such changes.

    If a cost is associated with an item, cost related fields will appear similar to those shown above; if you are authorized, you may be able to change them (for example, to apply a discount)

    See Also: Repricing Categories and Room Charges

  3. Once you have finished selecting items for the service order, click the Next button. A final screen presents where you can select the bookings to which you wish to apply the service order.

  4. Select the booking(s) for which you wish to add the service order and then click the Finish button.

  5. On the confirmation popup that presents, click Yes to add more service orders, or No to finalize the service order. You return to the Navigator and the new service order appears in the lower right panel. If the service order requires an approval workflow, the state of the request shows in the State column.

    Tip: You can see and work with the items (resources) requested for a service order by selecting it in the lower right panel above and then clicking the Items button. 

    You can click the buttons on the right to add or change items in the list. Clicking New will launch a popup window where you can add more items within this category of service. This example shows catering fields. When you have completed all required information, click OK to finalize the new item.

Once a service order has been added to a booking and you click to expand the order in the left panel, information in both the upper and lower right panel changes to show detail about that specific service order. The following four tabs show in the Navigator in the upper right panel:

 User Defined Fields tab—The User Defined Fields tab displays the additional fields that store custom data for the booking detail. Your EMS administrator configures the types of fields that are available as well as the allowed values for these fields. See Working with User Defined Fields in the Navigator.

• Reminders tab—The Reminders tab displays any reminders that were created for the selected booking detail.

• Comments tab—The Comments tab displays any comments that were made for the selected booking detail.

See Working with Comments and Reminders in the Navigator.

• History tab—The History tab displays the history for the booking detail—the date that a change was made to the detail, the ID of the user who made the change, the field that was changed, the old field value, and the new field value.

Also, service order items for the selected booking detail show in the Items pane in the lower right panel. A green check mark appears in front of each individual item that has been added to a booking. If the item is a package, then a green checkmark is displayed not only in front of the package, but also, in front of each individual item in the package. A red “x” is displayed in front of any booking detail and/or booking detail item that has been deleted from a booking. 

If you click on a booking details item in the left pane of the Navigator, then the entire right pane of the Navigator is refreshed with three tabs—a Properties tab that displays for the selected item, a Selections tab that displays the selections for the booking detail item (if applicable), and a History tab that details the history of the item.

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