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Why is the Booking Locked?

When Bookings May Be Locked

Under certain circumstances, bookings or booking details in EMS can become locked. Locked items are displayed in EMS, but you cannot edit or cancel the items. This locking can affect the basic booking information (date, time, room, and so on) or the details for the booking (catering, equipment, and so on). Locks are typically independent of one another. Just because one item is locked does not mean other items in the reservation are locked. Bookings can be locked in the following situations:

Insufficient security: To edit a booking, you must have access to the room and status and as well as the correct security processes assigned to your user account. Contact your EMS administrator for assistance.

Old bookings: A booked event is locked a certain number of days after it has taken place. Your EMS administrator sets the value for this system parameter. Old bookings are locked to prevent you and other users from changing the facts for a past event, which could cause discrepancies between documents printed for the event and the information in EMS. When a booking is locked because it is old, all of its details are also locked. You cannot edit or delete existing details, and you cannot add new details.

Invoiced bookings: When you create an invoice for a booking, you can bill for the entire booking (the room fee plus all the fees for all the booking details) or for only certain items that you choose (for example, the room fee and the equipment fees, but not the catering fees). In either case, if a booking has one or more invoiced items, the booking is locked. This means that you cannot edit or delete the booking, which includes changing the booking status, and editing and deleting invoiced resources. You can, however, still add more details to the bookings. For rooms, this means you cannot edit the room charge. You also cannot move bookings that are invoiced to a new or existing reservation. You can, however, still copy these bookings to a new or existing reservation.