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Ways to Check In


Checking In From the Booking Check In Dashboard

  1. Select Booking Check In from the menu bar in EMS Desktop Client.

  1. Set filters to search for bookings you wish to check into.
  2. Select an event from the list of results that displays and click the Check In button.

Tip: This feature replaces the Building and Booking Check In tools in previous releases. 

Checking In From the Reservation Book

Bookings in the Reservation Book can be checked into by right-clicking on the booking and selecting Check In.













Checking In From EMS Web App

  1. If authorized by your administrator, you can check into bookings in EMS Web App.

Checking in with EMS Mobile App

You can Check In to an event in one of two ways:

  1. From the Calendar on the Home page, locate the event you want to check in to.

a. If it is with in the pre-determined check-in time period, a Check In option will appear when you swipe right. The meeting organizer or booking template usually     determines how soon before a meeting you can check in. 

  1. You can also Check In by opening and/or editing an event. 

a. Tap on the event and click Edit in the upper right-hand corner. 

b. Click Check In

Tip: See Also: Inviting People


Checking in with EMS Room Sign

Checking in on EMS Room Sign can be done at the Glance monitor by selecting the Check In button.










Checking in with EMS Kiosk

Checking in on EMS Kiosk can be done at the Kiosk by selecting the Check In icon on the My Reservations screen.