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What is Booking-Level Check In?

Sometimes meeting hosts don’t use the space they reserved. In organizations where meeting space or workspace is in high demand, or when the reservation is for a significant period of time, the lost utilization of space adds up to a lot of waste. Using this feature, you can set up each room to require that the meeting host check in to the space. When the time comes to check in, the host will receive an email with a link they can click to check in. If you have EMS Kiosk, the host can check in via the touch-screen room sign (if available), or if you have EMS Mobile App, by tapping "Check in" on the event on their mobile phone. You’ll also be able to set up what happens if the host fails to check in more than 10 minutes (or whatever time you want) after the meeting starts. You may want to settle for a warning — at least for the first few months — and then automatically free up the space so that someone else can use it. The result? Better use of your space and happier users.

Booking level check in helps maintain room use levels and ensure accurate space usage reports. Check in at the booking level allows users to check into a single space booking. Additionally, this feature triggers no-show notifications in order to free up spaces that have no check ins. To enable users to check in this way, you must first enable it for each user; see Enabling Booking Check In.