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Editing Reservations From the Reservation Book

Begin by locating a booking in the Reservation Book. You can do one or more of the following to edit an existing reservation:



Change the setup time

Drag the left bar horizontally to a new time, then click Yes.

Change the event time

Drag the middle bar horizontally to a new time, then click Yes.

Change the teardown time

 Drag the right bar horizontally to a new time, then click Yes.

Change the building, room, time, or both

 Drag and drop the reservation to a new room that is the same building or in a different building, and/or to a new time, the click Yes.

You can right-click on a reservation in the Reservation Book to access a menu of editing options (defined below).




Opens a reservation in the EMS Navigator.

Add to Personal Calendar

Adds the reservation to your personal calendar.

Move Forward

Move the reservation date forward by one day or one week.

Move Backward

Move the reservation date back by one day or one week.

Move to Specific Date

Move the reservation to a specific date.

Change Status

Change the status of the reservation.

Copy Bookings

Opens the Copy Bookings wizard.

Swap Rooms With Another Booking (EMS)

Swap the room assignments of two events (only applicable for two events that have identical meeting patterns). Right-click on one of the two reservations that you are swapping, and on the context menu that opens, click Swap Rooms,  click on the other reservation, then click Yes.

Note: If the rooms that you are swapping have been configured with a default setup type, and the setup count is not within the capacity of one or both rooms, a message opens indicating this, but you are not prevented from swapping rooms.

Swap Rooms With Another Booking (EMS Academic Planning)

Swaps only the two bookings selected for the indicated day. (Just like Swap Rooms With Another Booking in EMS.)

Swap Rooms With Another Course (EMS Academic Planning)

If the meeting patterns of two courses are identical, then the swap is allowed and all bookings between the two courses for the entire term are swapped.

Highlight Related Bookings

Highlights the bookings that belong to the same reservation.

Check In Check into the booking