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Publishing a Term

After you have finalized the assignment of courses to rooms, either with the help of the EMS room optimization process or by using the scenario that was pulled from the SIS, the next step is to publish the course schedule for the term in EMS Academic Planning. Publishing the course schedule causes the system to book the space in EMS, creating reservations and bookings.

To publish a term

1. On the EMS Academic Planning menu bar, click Academic Planning > Courses > Manage Terms. The Terms window opens.


2. On the Domain dropdown list, select the domain for which the term is being published.

3. Select the term that is being published, and then click Edit. The Term dialog box opens. The Term tab is the active tab.

Term dialog box, Term tab


4. Do the following:

• Make sure that the Mode is set to Read Only and if the academic unit-level users are to have View access to the term, make sure that Available to Academic Units is selected.

• On the Active Scenarios dropdown list, select the scenario that is being published.


The SIS scenario publishes room assignments that were previously defined in the SIS.

5. Optionally, in the Phase field and the Notes field, enter any information that is pertinent to the published schedules, for example, “Published” in the Phase field.

6. Open the Excluded Dates tab.

7. Select the dates that should be excluded during the publishing process.


This would include any dates where regularly scheduled classes do not take place, for example, breaks, holidays, and if applicable, final exams week.

The Term dialog box closes. You return to the Terms window with the term that is to be published automatically selected.


Bookings are not created for excluded dates, which means that rooms can be scheduled for events and meetings, if needed.

8. Click Publish. The Publish Term dialog box opens. The Domain field, the Term field, and the Scenario field are automatically populated with the values that you previously selected and you cannot edit them.


9. Select the statuses required for publishing the term.




The status that is used to book all rooms for course reservations and bookings that are created during the publishing process.

Note: The status should be a Booked Space type.

Conflict Status

If you are publishing course room placements that were assigned in your SIS (the SIS scenario), then potentially you could have room booking conflicts created. If a double booking is encountered during the publishing process, then the reservation and bookings for the conflicting course are published in this conflict status.

Note: The status should be an Info Only type.

Cross List Status

The status that is used to book all cross-listed and shared space course reservations and bookings that are created during the publishing process.

Note: The status should be an Info Only type.

Override Existing Bookings/Override Conflict Status

If another scheduling unit on campus, for example, the Student Union, is allowed to book events in academic space before the publishing process has taken place, then an event and course might be assigned to the same space. If Override Existing Bookings is selected and this situation is encountered during the publishing process, the event is “bumped” and its reservation and bookings are booked into this status. If Override Existing Bookings is not selected, then the conflicted bookings for the course are placed into the Override Conflict Status.

Note: The Override Conflict Status should be an Info Only type.

10. Specify the Domain Settings for the term.



Reservation Source

Select the reservation source that is used for the course reservations and bookings that are created during the publishing process.

Room for Unassigned Courses

Click the Search icon emsum_EMSCampus_image052.png to open the Room Selector dialog box and select the room in which to book the courses that have not been assigned in the SIS or in an optimization scenario.

Note: Unassigned courses are typically booked in a special To Be Determined (TBD) room. Some organizations create a specific TBD building and/or room to accommodate this situation. The room must be an override description room. See the EMS Setup Guide for information about configuring a TBD building and/or room.

11. Click Publish. A message opens stating that publishing the term will set the term to Read Only and asking you if it is OK to continue.

12. Click Yes. A Publishing progress dialog box opens. After the term is published, the progress dialog box closes, and a message opens indicating that the term was published successfully.

13. Click OK to close the message and return to the Terms window.


If any errors are encountered during the publishing process, or if the EMS Academic Planning system parameter Manually Update SIS/ERP System After Publishing is set to “Yes,” then you can access your course list and manually update the course locations in your SIS. See Manually Updating Course Locations in the SIS