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Identifying New, Edited, or Canceled Courses

After the academic units have made their modifications to the course schedule, you must identify and compile a list of modifications and enter the approved changes in the Student Information System (SIS). EMS Academic Planning flags course changes using a field named Course State. New, edited, and canceled courses are marked as “New,” “Edited,” and “Cancelled,” respectively. Typically, you generate the Course Changes report to view and identify the requested course changes; however, if further clarification is needed, then you can use the Academic Browser and/or Course Navigator.


For detailed information about generating the Course Changes report, and the information that is contained in the report, see Generating Academic Reports”.


Prior to reviewing the modifications, you can remove access to the term from your academic units. See Enabling/Disabling a Term for Define & Edit Mode”.

To identify new/edited/canceled courses

1. On the EMS Academic Planning menu bar, click Academic Planning > Courses > Academic Browser. The Academic Browser opens.

2. If needed, open the Filter tab. 


3. On the Domain dropdown list, select the appropriate domain and on the Term dropdown list, select the appropriate term.

4. Set any other criteria (academic unit, subject, and so on) as needed to provide assistance in locating the courses that you are reviewing, and then click Get Data. The courses that meet your search criteria are displayed on the Results tab. Use the information in the State column to identify the change made to each course that is listed.


For detailed information about searching with the Academic Browser, see Searching with the Academic Browser”.

Academic Browser search results with State column shown


5. Optionally, double-click a course to open the course in the Course Navigator and view more detailed information about the course. See Using the Course Navigator”.

6. After generating the list of course modifications, you must manually enter the approved course changes in the SIS. After data entry is complete, the scheduler must carry out the Sync Courses process (see Synchronizing Courses) to ensure that EMS Academic Planning and the SIS are synchronized.