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Enabling/Disabling a Term for Define and Edit Mode

After you have imported a term and synchronized the courses for the term, you can set the mode to Define & Edit and make the term available to the academic units. You have the option of selecting Define and Edit mode, or Dual mode. Dual mode enables a term for both Define & Edit Mode and Set Preference mode at the same time. If you select Define and Edit mode, then the steps that you carry out during this mode are distinct and unique from the steps that you carry out in the next mode, which is the Set Preferences mode. If you select Dual mode, then you can carry out the steps for both modes at the same time.

1. On the EMS Academic Planning menu bar, click Academic Planning > Courses > Manage Terms. The Terms window opens.

Terms window


2. On the Domain dropdown list, select the appropriate domain.

3. Select the term for which you are setting Define & Edit mode, and then click Edit. The Term dialog box opens. The Term tab is the active tab.


4. Optionally, in the Phase and Notes fields, enter information that indicates to the academic units what part of the academic scheduling process is currently taking place, for example, “Course Review,” or “Planning” along with any supporting information or instructions.


If you are going to select Dual mode, then make sure to note that both course review/planning and setting preferences are currently taking place. Academic units can view this information in the EMS Campus Planning Interface.

5. Do one of the following:

• If academic unit-level users are to have access to the term, select Available to Academic Units.

• To remove the users’ access to the term, clear Available to Academic Units.

6. Optionally, if you have configured time block templates, select the appropriate template for this term.


At this stage, the only active scenario that is available is SIS, and you cannot change this value.

7. Select the enrollment that is to be compared to room capacity throughout the academic planning process.

8. In the Mode section, do one of the following:

• To enable Define & Edit mode, select Define & Edit Courses.

• To disable Define & Edit mode, select Read Only or Set Preferences.

• To enable both Define & Edit mode and Set Preferences mode, select Dual.

9. Click OK to close the Term dialog box and return to the Terms window, with the term still selected in the window.

10. On the Terms window, click Email to open an email that is pre-addressed to all academic unit-level users that have been defined in your EMS database. Complete and send the email as you normally would.

SMTP Email window