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Checking Visitors In

Process Overview:

To check a new visitor into a meeting, you will

  • Navigate to the Visitors area of EMS Desktop Client.
  • Locate the host group or individual for which you wish to add the unregistered visitor.


  • Add visitors to the meeting. Once a visitor has been added to a meeting, you can check them into the event.
  • Check the visitor in.

1. On the EMS menu bar, click Reservations > Other > Visitors. The Visitors window opens.

2. Open the Groups tab (sometimes re-labeled "Employees" or "Customers").


Tip: Once you have added the new visitor, the Print Badge​​​​​​ button becomes enabled on the screen above so you can print badges.

3. Find the group or individual hosting the new visitor; specify search criteria:

Start Date/End Date—The default value is the current day’s date.

Building—Select (all) buildings, a specific building, an area, or a view to search.

Group—Enter some or all of the hosting group’s name.

4. Click Display. The groups and people that meet your search criteria are displayed in the middle pane of the Visitors window.

Tip: You can see the booking a person is attending by clicking Open; this opens the reservation in the Navigator that contains the booking that the unregistered visitor is attending.

5. Select the hosting group from the search results, and then click New VisitorThe New Visitor dialog box opens. When you create this visitor account, they will be associated with the group or individual you selected in the window above.


6. Enter the information for the unregistered visitor, and then click OKThe Visitor dialog box closes. You return to the Visitors window with the group and newly configured visitor automatically selected.


Note: Building and Name are required fields. Depending on how your EMS administrator configured your system, Company Name, Email Address and/or Phone might be required. Notes are always optional. If you selected a specific building in Step 3, then the Building field is automatically populated with the name of the building in which the event is scheduled and you cannot edit this value; however, if you have set your preferences for buildings such that this building is not available to you, then the Building field cannot be populated with the correct value, and you cannot add the new visitor. See Setting User Preferences and Default Values.

7. Repeat Step 5 and Step 6 as needed to add all new visitors to the event. The information in the Event column for each new visitor is determined by your Administrator's settings (specified when configuring the event building). For example, “Unregistered Visitor” might be displayed. The date and time when you add an unregistered visitor to an event is used as the Check-In date and time for the visitor.

Checking Visitors Into a Meeting

If authorized, you can check unregistered visitors into a meeting from the main menu or the reservation book.

Checking In From the Booking Check-In Dashboard

  1. Select Booking Check In from the menu bar in EMS Desktop Client.

  1. Set filters to search for bookings you wish to check into.
  2. Select an event from the list of results that displays and click the Check In button.

Tip: This feature replaces the Building and Booking Check In tools in previous releases. 

Checking in From the Reservation Book

Bookings in the Reservation Book can be checked into by right-clicking on the booking and selecting Check In.













Tip: You can also check visitors in from other EMS applications.