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Viewing a History of Sent Emails

You can use the Email History function to review a list of all emails that have been sent from within your organization’s EMS system via SMTP (not via Microsoft Outlook), including confirmation emails, report emails (which includes invoices, reminders, queries, guest requests, and group and contact information), and generic emails. You can also view the contents of sent emails and print sent emails

1. On the EMS main menu, click Reservations > Other > Email History. The Emails window opens. Regardless of your preferences, the From field is automatically populated with the email address for your user account, but you can always change this value.













2. Enter the search criteria for the emails, and then click Display.


Under Source, the Report option collectively refers to confirmations, invoices, reminders, queries, group requests, and group and contact information.

All of the emails that meet the search criteria are displayed in the bottom pane of the Emails window.

3. Optionally, do one or more of the following:

• To view an email, select the mail in the search results list, and then click View.

• To print the complete results list, click Print > List.

• To print the contents of one or more emails in the results list, select the mail, or CTRL-click to select multiple emails, and then click Print > Emails.