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Applying a Reservation Discount

You use Apply Reservation Discount Wizard to apply a reservation discount to non-invoiced details in a booking. The discount is applied as a percentage of the total charge for an item and it is added to any existing discounts that have already been applied to the item.


To apply a discount to invoiced items, you must first void the invoice. See To void an invoice”.

To apply a reservation discount

1. Open the reservation in the Navigator. See:

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

Search Tools”.

2. In the left pane of the Navigator, select the reservation to which you are applying the discount.

3. In the Bookings pane, click Tools, and then click Apply Reservation Discount. The Apply Reservation Discount window opens. All the bookings for the selected reservation with their categories that have not been invoiced are displayed.


4. Leave the Category set to the default value of (all), or optionally, to apply a discount to all the items in a specific category, on the Category dropdown list, select a category. The Apply Reservation Discount window is updated with the bookings that have the selected category.

5. Enter the discount percentage.

6. Optionally, enter any notes that are relevant about the discount.

7. Select the booking, or CTRL-click to select the multiple bookings to which you are applying the discount, or click Select All to select all the displayed bookings in a single step, and then click Finish. A message opens indicating that the changes were made successfully.

8. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator.


After you apply a reservation discount, you can view it and/or edit it when you are editing the reservation on the Billing Information tab of the Reservation window in the Navigator. See Editing a Reservation in the Navigator”.