Resolve Booking Conflicts

This topic provides information on the following: 

Resolve Booking Conflicts for a Series Reservation

When booking a recurring meeting, you might encounter a booking conflict.

  1. Create a recurring reservation.
  2. Click the EMS Room Manager icon to choose your room.

    The List View displays with a list of available rooms that match your meeting criteria.

  3. To choose a room, click the Add (+) button next to the Location.
  4. To avoid booking conflicts, choose a room that is available for the entire span of your recurring meeting, as displayed in the Days Available column.

  5. If you choose a room that is not available for the entire time span of your recurrence, a booking conflict has been created.

    The Conflict Resolution dialog opens.

  6. Choose a room for the remaining occurrences that don't have locations and then click  Add (+).

    To bypass this resolution, on the Conflict Resolution dialog, click skip it. You will not have space reserved for the booking, and it will not appear on your calendar. EMS Software recommends that you define an "Outlook TBD" room for each building in your database. This will ensure skipped bookings remain in the correct timezone and will allow for localized notifications and reports to be created around meetings without locations. Learn more about Configure Outlook TBD Rooms.

  7. Choose an alternate room.

    The conflict resolves and displays on your calendar. 

Resolve Booking Conflicts When You Receive a Warning Email

As the meeting scheduler, you might receive a booking error message (e.g., "One or more of your rooms were not available and are in conflict. Refer to your email for next steps.") and an email that indicates the bookings that are in conflict for the reservation. This email will alert you that "The following rooms could not be reserved because they are unavailable. You must reserve a new room for each time slot shown below."

  1. Open your Outlook calendar and click EMS Room Manager.
  2. Navigate to the date of the scheduled event and double-click the event for which a booking is in conflict. 
  3. If the event is recurring, an Open Recurring Item message opens.

    The message indicates that the event is recurring and asks you if want to open only this occurrence of the event, or the series.

  4. Leave Open this occurrence selected, and then click OK
  5. Click the EMS Outlook Manager icon in the Outlook toolbar. 

    The EMS for Outlook add-in opens the Selected Rooms tab to show you the booking conflicts.