View Your Events

The VIEW EVENTS option is different from the BROWSE EVENTS option in the main menu.

You can quickly view your events, reservations, and requests on both your MY HOME page as well as your MY EVENTS page.

  1. Click My Events to see your reservations and bookings. 

    The default view for My Events is dependent on the configuration done by your EMS Administrator. This configuration is done in the EMS Desktop Client through the My Events Default View parameter.

  2. To view or edit a reservation, click the name of the reservation. 

    EMS only returns search results that contain the exact order of the characters in your search string, but EMS does not care about if your search string is uppercase or lowercase. In addition, EMS will return search results that contain your search string regardless of where those characters appear. For example, a search string of ed returns the College of Education Seminar, Ed Smith fundraiser, Health Center Education Training, and so on.

    The BROWSE > EVENTS menu option shows all of your reservations, as well as all reservations that you are authorized to view. The MY EVENTS menu option shows the reservations you have created. It will not display reservations to which you have been invited.

  3. To view reservation and booking details, click on an event name.

    If a URL is entered in the reservation in EMS Desktop Client, the name of the reservation appears as a clickable link. If you click this link, the web page linked to the URL opens in a new tab.

    Event details display—bookings within the reservation show in the lower half of the screen.

For more information about the differences between MY EVENTS and BROWSE EVENTS, refer MY EVENTS vs. BROWSE EVENTS.