Use the EMS Web App on Mobile Devices

If you access EMS Web App from a mobile device such as a tablet or smart-phone, the application will look slightly different because of the limitations of the device. In general, drop-down lists and menu bars will be reduced or abbreviated, and you will need to click to expand some regions and scroll to view some information. 

Examples of the EMS Web App on a Mobile Device

Home Screen

Mobile Menu


Create Booking

Edit Booking

Quick Tasks

  • Click Home at any time to return to the Mobile EMS Web App Home page.
  • Click an event name to see details.
  • Click New Booking to begin making a new booking.

Icons to Remember

Icons on the Mobile EMS Web App Home Page

Icon Description

Main menu for navigating EMS Web App.

Click to change information.

Click to see a calendar view.


Click to add or remove an item.

What Is the Difference?

The mobile display focuses on "doing" rather than "viewing." For example, you can easily book a room or check in to a meeting, but exploring reservations with hundreds of intricate bookings or locations with numerous rooms and setups might be best done using a non-mobile browser, due to the volume of information you may want to see in one window.

To see My Bookings from anywhere in the mobile version of EMS Web App, click Home.

Functional Limitations

The following features of the EMS Web App on mobile devices are different than on a standard computer web browser and have limited functionality due to the parameters of mobile browsers, display area, and data limitations:

  • Available rooms display in a list view. Schedule and Floor Plan views are not available.
  • Services tab is not available.
  • You cannot book multiple rooms in Microsoft Outlook.
  • You cannot book video conferences.
  • The main menu is always hidden. To access it, click the Menu icon in the upper-left.
  • You can only book one room per booking.
  • The home screen contains bookings and ability to search, and does not show the "Site Home" tab.
  • When creating a new reservation, type the name of the room instead of searching by keyword.
  • To edit reservations on your My Events page, tap the Edit icon next to the reservation.
  • To see a room's schedule from the Browse Events page, click the grid icon next to the room name.

EMS also produces a mobile application for use on devices like smartphones.

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