EMS Mobile App Versus EMS Mobile Web App: What Is the Difference?

Although their names are similar and they share the same databases, these products have very different applications. 

EMS Mobile App = EMS Application for Mobile Devices 

This is a separate software application EMS produces specifically to run on mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Features of EMS Mobile App (Which are Not in EMS Web App)  

  • Ultra-compact display designed for smartphones
  • Two factor authentication method
  • QR Code functionality

EMS Mobile Web App = EMS Web App on a Mobile Browser 

This is the EMS Web App as it displays when running on a web browser on a mobile device, such as a tablet. 

Features of EMS Web App (Which are Not in EMS Mobile App)  

  • Browse Events
  • Browse People
  • Act As (delegation feature)
  • Edit Account Details
  • Edit Delegates
  • Edit Everyday User Process templates