Book Recurring Meetings

This topic provides information on booking recurring meetings in the EMS Web App.

For a conceptual overview, review the following:

Create a Reservation for Recurring Meetings

To create a reservation for recurring meetings:

  1. To start a reservation click CREATE A RESERVATION or the Book Now button next to one of your reservation templates.

    The Create a Reservation page opens, where EMS Web App will lead you through the reservation process

  2. Enter your information and click Next Step.

Specify When and Where 

  1. To specify When, select dates and times.
  2. Click Recurrence.
    1. Follow the prompts to select the frequency, date range, day of the week, start and end times, and time zone for the recurrence.
    2. Click Apply Recurrence to validate your entries and return to the New Booking screen.

      Once booked, each meeting will show as a single Booking in your My Bookings area on MY HOME. Note that Create Booking In specifies the time zone in which to book the meeting, which might differ from your system time zone.

  3. To specify Where, in lower left pane, select one of the following: 
    • Let Me Search For A Room
    • I Know What Room I Want

    Filters in this lower left pane help you narrow your Room Search Results. When you click Search, results appear on the right. To view expanded Room Details click on the room name.

    Locating space as part of the reservation process is different than browsing locations. For detailed instructions on using the BROWSE LOCATIONS options in the main menu, see Search for Available Rooms.

  4. Once you have located a room to reserve, click the Add (+) icon to validate and add the booking to your cart. You can delete or change the room before you finalize your reservation.

Specify Who and What

To specify who and what:

  1. In Attendance, select a Setup Type (if available). 
  2. In the Attendance area, enter headcount and attendees.
    • If your organization has implemented EMS for Outlook, you use the optional Attendees section to add or remove attendees and send them invitations or notifications. Attendees can be individuals or mailing lists or groups. To see who is in a mailing list or group, simply expand it. This optional feature enables you to view attendees' availability and add or subtract them from the event.
    • If your organization has not implemented EMS for Outlook, you will see a list of EMS Web App users and groups but you will not see availability.

    Adding attendees to an event is different than browsing people. For detailed instructions on using the BROWSE PEOPLE option from the main menu, see Locate People.

  3. When complete, click Next Step.

Choose Services​ (Optional)

This is an optional feature based on the booking template you use. Services include room setup and teardown, equipment, and any other services you want to associate with a room. Your Administrator sets which services can be associated with a room and with an event type.

To choose services:

  1. Select Create Reservation > Services tab.
  2. Specify services you want to associate with the reservation, or click Skip Services
  3. When complete, click Next Step

EMS for Outlook® (Optional Capability)

EMS for Outlook® is an optional (extra cost) purchase. If your organization has purchased it, then you will see the EMS add-in icon in your Outlook application. You will also see additional features and functionality in EMS. Furthermore, anywhere that you see people or groups in EMS, you will have access to everyone in your organization's email database (which is stored in Exchange Server). This means that you can see people's availability (Out of Office, Busy, In a Meeting, etc.), send them email invitations or notices, and add EMS events to your Outlook calendar.

Finalize Reservation Details 

The Reservation Details screen finalizes information about your reservation. Invitations to bookings and attachments will be sent to all attendees. 

Complete all required information and click Save Reservation Details, and then Create Reservation.

To add the reservation to your Outlook calendar, click the Add this reservation to my calendar checkbox at the bottom of the window.