Add Services to a Meeting

To add services to an existing event:

  1. Click on My Events and open the reservation you want to edit.

  2. Click Add Services to add details to the meeting.

    The Add Services option is only available if your Administrator allows services for this type of meeting and for your user profile.

    Once you have added services and reserved space, you can work with services by clicking Manage Services.

  3. The first screen shows attendees and any existing services for the meeting and click on services you want to add from the list of available options.

  4. When you click on a service to add, a pop-up screen might prompt you to specify a quantity for the item and prompt you to add notes, special instructions, and so on. Click OK to save your changes.

  5. The right pane of the Select Services window updates to show your latest additions. When you have added all services for the meeting, click the Next Step button.

  6. The next screen lists all bookings within the reservation you selected from My Events. Select the booking to which you want to add services (if the reservation includes multiple booking, they are all listed here for you to select), and click the Add Services button.

  7. You return to the Reservation page and a confirmation appears briefly confirming your changes.