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EMS Web App is an optional web application to access online. EMS Web App lets you see your schedule, create new reservations, and change existing reservations.

If you have deployed an older version of EMS Web App and are upgrading to the newest version, please encourage users at your facility to review What's New before they begin working with the new version of the software. Doing so will streamline the adoption of the new release and help your users benefit from new features and functions that they might not otherwise discover.

Concept: The EMS Web App also runs on a mobile device such as a tablet or handheld. Due to the smaller screen size and resolution of tablets and smartphones, pages may display differently but most of the same functionality is still available.

EMS Mobile App, by contrast, is an app designed specifically for smartphones. It offers functionality specifically for everyday users who need access to EMS while they're on the go. The EMS Mobile App also runs on tablets that run iOS or Android, but the screen layout is optimized for smartphones and does not take advantage of larger displays.

See Also: Installing and Setting Up EMS Web App

Important: If you do not have a customer login, register here.

Option 1 (Recommended): Submit a Ticket directly via the EMS Support Portal

Option 2: Email

Option 3 (Recommended for critical issues only): Phone (800) 288-4565