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Change Group Wizard

You use the Change Group Wizard to update various group attributes. You can reassign an account, an event coordinator, a group type, a payment type, a pricing plan, a sales category, or a salesperson.

To use the Change Group Wizard


The following procedure is written from the perspective of changing an account, but by analogy, you can follow this procedure to change any of the allowed properties for your group records.

1. On the EMS menu bar, click System Administration > Tools > Change Group Wizard.

The Change Group Wizard opens.

Change Group Wizard


2. Select Account (the property to change), and then click Next.

You are prompted to select an account to change.

Change Group Wizard


3. Select the account that you want to change, for example Equipment Charges.

The Change Group Wizard is updated with information that indicates the number of groups that use the account that you are changing.

Change Group Wizard


4. Click Next.

The Change Group Wizard prompts you to select an account to replace all instances of Equipment Charges.

Change Group Wizard


5. Select the appropriate account, for example, Denver A/V, and then click Finish.

A Property Changed message opens, indicating that the property was changed, and the number of groups that were affected.

6. Click OK to close the message and the Change Group Wizard.