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Installing EMS Desktop Web Deployment


.NET 4.5 must be enabled on the server

IIS 7, 8, 9

IIS Components must be enabled

  • ASP .NET 4.5
  • ISAPI Filters Enabled
  • ISAPI Extensibility Enabled

Downloading the Installer

If you have not already downloaded all of the software packages, Instructions are here.

Installation Process

Important:  Existing versions of The EMS Desktop Web Deployment must be manually uninstalled.  Please make sure to copy-off and save any files that have been customized.

  1. Manually uninstall any previous versions of The EMS Desktop Web Deployment on your web server.  
  2. Verify that the prerequisite software has been installed.
  3. Download the EMSDesktopWebDeploySetup.msi file onto the web server that will be running The EMS Desktop Web Deployment.
  4. Run EMSDesktopWebDeploySetup.msi as an administrator.
  5. The first screen welcomes you to the The EMS Desktop Web Deployment Setup Wizard.  Click Next to begin the installation process. The Destination Folder screen will appear.

    Web Deployment 2.png
  6. Install EMS Desktop Web Deployment to:

    • This is the folder that the actual files will be installed to. By default it will point to the Root folder configured within IIS. (Typically C:\inetpub\wwwroot\)

  7. Web Site URL and Virtual Directory Name:
    • This is the URL that will be coded into the Desktop Client that is deployed to the Admin Users. If you will be using a web server farm this would be the URL to your load balancer. Otherwise it would be the URL back to this server.
    • The Installation will create a Virtual Directory under the Default website with the name of the virtual directory that you specify
  8. EMS SQL Server:
    • This is the Hostname or IP Address of the Server where your EMS database is installed at.
  9. EMS Database
    • This is the name of the EMS Data database (Not EMS_Master) for the Database instance that this installation will be supporting.
  10. Once the information on the Destination folder screen is correct, Click Next.

Note:  The EMS Desktop Web Deployment should not be installed in the same virtual directory as other EMS web-based products

  1. The Ready to install the EMS Desktop Web Deployment screen will appear.  Click   to install The EMS Desktop Web Deployment.
  2. The Completed the the EMS Desktop Web Deployment Setup Wizard screen will appear.  Click Finish.
  3. Once complete the installer will open a browser to the Website URL that you entered on the Destination Folder screen, so the installation can be verified.

Note:  The first time you launch the EMS Desktop Web Deployment, it may take a few extra moments for the website to display. This is expected as the server builds the .NET cache files required to run the application.

 If you encounter any issues, please contact Customer Support for assistance