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EMS Campus uses a web service to manage communication between the EMS Campus database and the Student Information System (SIS). The web service reads courses and course-related data from the SIS database. Then, once a schedule for a term is published, the web service updates course room assignments in the SIS.  This document provides an overview of the EMS Campus Web Service and outlines the installation process.

Important:  If you are upgrading from EMS Campus 2.x, a new version of the EMS Campus Web Service including the queries.xml and views.sql files may be required.  Tab-delimited file format specifications may also have changed for the Courses.txt file.  Please contact your Client Services Consultant to evaluate and discuss any potential impacts to your installation.

Course Data: Student Information Systems (SIS)

EMS integrates with most commercial and many custom SIS/ERP systems, saving your institution time and eliminating data entry duplication. The optional EMS Campus Web Service provides bi-directional integration so that course data and instructor information is pulled into EMS, and rooms assigned in EMS are then written back to the SIS. With SIS integration, you can:

  • Pull course and instructor information from the SIS to create multiple scheduling scenarios.
  • Quickly publish selected scheduling scenarios for students and instructors to view.
  • Allow departments to collaborate online for a paperless planning process.
  • Easily identify all new data moved into EMS for review.
  • Report on seat fill percentage, time block availability, utilization trends, and more.

See Also: EMS Campus Web Service White Paper.

Supported SIS

You can manually or automatically synchronize your campus-specific SIS data (Instructors, Course Types, Subjects, and Terms) with EMS, using the following supported SIS.

• Ellucian’s Banner
• Ellucian’s Colleague (on SQL or Oracle platform)
• Ellucian’s PowerCampus
• Oracle’s Peoplesoft
• Jenzabar CX and EX

Tip: Non-SIS customers can still streamline data entry by importing tab-delimited lists of people/groups, rooms, resources, reservations, and (for EMS Campus), final exam schedules. See Also: Import File Specifications.

Important: If you do not have a customer login, register here.

Option 1 (Recommended): Submit a Ticket directly via the EMS Support Portal

Option 2: Email

Option 3 (Recommended for critical issues only): Phone (800) 288-4565