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Requesting Services Only

When you request services only for a location that is not managed in EMS, the Services Only Request page opens with a When and Where pane (the left pane of the window) and two tabs—a Service Availability tab and a Details tab.


You enter the information for this location in the When and Where pane. The Service Availability tab lists the available services that you can request for the location. You enter information for the event on the Details tab.

To request services only

1. Under Reservations, click a reservation option. The Services Only Request page opens.


Because VEMS is so highly configurable, the options that are outlined in the remainder of this procedure might or might not be present. In addition, certain labels might have been renamed in your implementation of VEMS. For example, “group” might have been relabeled to “client,” “employee,” or “department.” Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).


Depending on how your EMS administrator has configured your organization’s Services Only Request template, you might see different fields displayed, or you might not see some of these fields displayed at all.


It might be possible to specify the default values for some of these options. See Setting Default Values for Room Requests”.

2. In the When and Where (left) pane of the page, enter your date and time criteria.

3. In the Setup Information section, enter your attendance.

4. On the Buildings dropdown list, select the building, and then in the Location field, enter the location (room) in the building for which you are requesting services.

5. Click Get Services. The Details tab opens.


6. Enter the information for the event. When you are entering the event details, note the following:

• Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). At minimum, you must enter the event name, the event type, and the group details.

• Some fields in the Group section might be automatically populated with your group/department information. You can modify this information. If a Search icon vems_ReservationMenu_image022.png is present, then you can search for a group/contact record for the event.

• If contacts are available for a group, you can specify which contact is to be the default contact for the group, and you can inactivate any contact for the group.

• You may have the option of answering additional questions, or you might be required to answer these questions when booking the room, and/or you might have the option of entering reservation-level comments. These questions and comments are displayed in an Other Information section.

• You may have the option of attaching files to the room request. If so, then an Attachments section is displayed on the Details tab. The allowed file attachment formats are .csv, .doc, .gif, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .xlsx, and .tif.

• One or more resource/services sections will be displayed, depending on the number and type of services that were available to you. You must specify the information for the appropriate services for the booking. You do not have to specify information for a resource/service if you do not want to request the service for the booking.

• You may be required to specify billing information. You can manually enter the billing information, or if a Search icon vems_ReservationMenu_image022.png is present, then you can search for the information.

• You may be required to read and agree to Terms and Conditions. If so, you can click View to review the Terms and Conditions before you accept them.

7. Click Submit Reservation. The Reservation Summary page opens. See The Reservation Summary Page”.