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Editing Count Information for a Booking

You use the Edit Counts tool to edit the count information for a booking, including the setup count and attendance count, the estimated count, guaranteed count, and actual count for a booking detail with a category type of catering, as well as the counts for non-invoiced booking detail items. You can edit the counts for all bookings in a reservation or for just a selected booking.


Much of the information that you can edit using the Edit Counts tool is also available for editing in other areas of the application. The purpose of this tool is simply to collate all the count information in a single location for editing.

To edit count information for a booking

1. Open the reservation in the Navigator. See:

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

Search Tools”.

2. In the left pane of the Navigator, do one of the following:

• Select the reservation.

• Expand the reservation folder, and under the reservation folder, select a specific booking.

3. In the Bookings pane, click Tools, and then click Edit Counts. The Edit Counts window opens. If you selected the reservation, then the Bookings (top) pane of the window lists all the bookings for the selected reservation; otherwise, the pane lists just the selected booking. 

Edit Counts window


4. Select the booking for which you are editing the count information.

5. On the Category dropdown list, select the booking detail (category) for which you are editing the count information. The Booking Details (middle) pane is refreshed with the information for the selected category. If the category is a resource with a service order, then the pane displays the service type and the start and end times for the category. If the category is catering, then the pane also displays the estimated count, guaranteed count, and actual count for the booking detail.

6. In the Booking Details pane, select the booking detail that contains the items for which you are editing the count information. The Items (lower) pane is refreshed with a list of all the non-invoiced items for the selected detail.

7. To Edit the count information for any booking detail or detail item, click in the appropriate field and make the necessary edits.

8. To edit the count information for multiple bookings, repeat Step 4 through Step 7 as needed for each booking.

9. Click Close. 

The edits are made. You return to the Navigator.