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Selecting Favorite Rooms

This feature enables you to keep a list of favorite buildings and rooms; when you search for rooms, your search results will be narrowed to your favorites. 

1. From the EMS for Outlook menu, click Options. The Manage Favorites dialog box opens.


2. On the Facilities dropdown list, select a specific building. A list of all rooms in the selected building show in the Available list.

3. Optionally, on the Room Type dropdown list, select a specific room type by which to filter the list of rooms.

4. Select a room, or CTRL-click to select multiple rooms, and then click the Move (>) button to select as a favorite.

5. Click OK. The Manage Favorites dialog box closes. The rooms in your Favorites list, which are available under Views, are the only rooms that are displayed in the EMS for Outlook add-in after you select Views > My Favorites.

Opening your My Favorites list