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EMS Software, LLC

Modifying your User Account

Your user account specifies your email address, your name, your phone number, your fax number, and your time zone. You can modify all these values. Your user account also provides the option of modifying your VEMS password.

To modify your user account

1. Under My Account, click Edit My Account. The User Account page opens. The User Info tab is the active tab.


2. Do any of the following:

• Modify any of the information for your account as needed—your email address, name, phone number, and so on.


If you log into VEMS using your network email address and you change your email address, then this new email address is the address that you must now use for logging in.

• To change your password, enter your new password in the Password field, and then enter the exact same password again in the Confirm Password field.


Options might also be present to opt out of receiving automatic emails that are received from VEMS such as reminders or the reservation summary that is emailed when you submit your reservation and/or view and modify miscellaneous notes for the account.

3. Click Save.