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Viewing Your Requests

The Reservations menu provides an option for all the requests for spaces and/or services that you have ever made in VEMS. You can select a specific request from this page for more detailed viewing and for editing if needed. To open the Requests page, under Reservations, click View My Requests. When the page first opens, the Current tab is the active tab. This page lists all your requests that have an event start date that is greater than or equal to the current day’s date.


You can carry out the following actions from the Requests page:

• To view the list of requests in a Calendar view, open the Calendar tab.

• To search for a reservation, enter a reservation ID in the Reservation ID field and/or a search string in the Event Name field, and then click Quick Search.


Your search is limited to the exact order of the characters in the string, but the string is not case-sensitive and it can appear anywhere in the search results. For example, a search string of ed returns the College of Education Seminar, Ed Smith fundraiser, Health Center Education Training, and so on.

• To view all requests that have a date older than the current day’s date, open the Historical tab.

• To open a selected reservation for viewing and/or editing on the Reservation Summary page, click the name of the reservation. See The Reservation Summary Page”.