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Overview of the Reservations Menu

The Reservations menu contains various options for requesting a space and/or services for an event. Three different types of requests are possible:

A standard “self-serve” room request that shows real-time room availability in a list or grid view. Based on the rights your EMS administrator assigned to your account, you can reserve rooms and services with or without requiring approval.


An Exchange/Lotus Notes integration option may be available that allows you to add attendees and view their free/busy information during the room request process. In addition, after you submit your reservation, the meeting is added automatically to your calendar and invitations are sent to your attendees. See Submitting a Request for a Space - Booking a Room with the Plan A Meeting Module

A simple online request form that you use to submit a request for a room and services. An EMS reservation coordinator must review requests to confirm actual availability.

A request to provide services only to a location that is not managed in EMS, for example, an office or off-site location.

Your EMS administrator configures all these request types “behind the scenes,” and the type is not explicitly displayed on the Reservations menu. Instead, it is reflected in the tabs, fields, and functions that are available on the Room Request page, which is the page that opens after you select one of these requests. In addition, the Reservations menu contains an option, View My Requests, for viewing all the requests for space and/or services that you have submitted.