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Locating a Person

The Locate a Person page in EMS Kiosk enables you to locate a person who has reservations scheduled for today. The page displays all of today’s reservations for the selected person. You may also be able to view the person’s check-in status on this page.

1. Click Locate a Person. A page opens with options for searching for a group/person.

Group/Person Search page


2. In the Group field, enter your search criteria, and then click Search. A list of all groups/people that meet your search criteria is displayed.


The search is limited to the exact order of the characters in the string but the string can be found anywhere in the search results and it is not case-sensitive. For example, a search string of “ed” returns both Anderson, Scott and Phillips, Dean.

Example of search results for a group/person


2. Click the Group icon emsk_LocatePerson_image003.png next to the appropriate group/person in the search results. The Locate a Person page displays all of today’s reservations for the selected group/person. This page might also display the group’s/person’s status (checked into a building/checked out of a building).

Locate a Person page displaying today’s reservations for a selected group/person


3. Optionally, to view a floor map of a building in which an event for the selected group/person is scheduled, click the View Map icon emsk_LocatePerson_image005.png for the event.

Example of a building floor map for a scheduled event


4. To return to the Today’s Event page after viewing a floor map, click Back, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the Floor Map page.