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Overview: the EMS Kiosk Window

The EMS Kiosk is a touchscreen application. Typically, the default page for the application is the Today’s Events page. This page lists all of the events that are scheduled for today.


Today’s Events page


The following options may be available for the EMS Kiosk:

• Language Selection—You can use the options on the Language Selection to change the display language for all the pages in the EMS Kiosk. If you need to change the display language for the EMS Kiosk before you use it, open the Language Selection page first, and select the appropriate display language.

EMS Kiosk Language Selection page


• Today’s Events—The Today’s Events page lists all the events that are currently scheduled for today. Typically, the Today’s Events page is the default page (the page that opens first) when you start the EMS Kiosk. See Viewing Today’s Events.

• Locate a Person—The Locate a Person page provides a search feature for locating a person who has reservations scheduled for today. See Locating a Person.

• Locate Space—The Locate Space page provides a broad perspective of all the available/unavailable space in the building. See Locating Space.

• My Reservations—The My Reservations page provides a search feature for locating all your reservations for today. See My Reservations Page.

• Make a Reservation—The Make a Reservation page provides the necessary functions for making a reservation for yourself. See Working with the My Reservations page.

• Information—The Information page provides links to information that your organization has made available to EMS Kiosk users. See Viewing Information.