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The EMS Window

The EMS main window is your starting point for the EMS application. The window provides quick access to all the EMS functions (Reservations, Reports, Configuration, and so on) and system tools. The EMS Main window has four major components:

• The title bar. See Title bar.”

• The menu bar. See Menu bar”.

• The toolbar. See Toolbar”.

• The main menu. See Main menu”.

EMS main window with main menu


Title bar

The name “EMS” and the version number of the application appear in the title bar across the top of the EMS main window.

Title bar


Menu bar

The menu bar is set up in a standard Windows menu format with menu commands grouped into menus (File, Settings, Reservations, and so on) across the menu bar. Some of these menu commands are also available in the Main Menu.

Menu bar



The toolbar provides quick access to the commonly used EMS functions—Book, Calendar, Wizard, Navigator, Browser, Web Reservations, Groups, Email, and Dashboard. Some of these functions are also available from the Main Menu. You can customize the appearance of this toolbar to best suit your business needs.



To customize the toolbar

1. Right-click on the toolbar and click Customize.

The Customize Toolbar dialog box opens.

Customize Toolbar dialog box


2. Do one or more of the following:

• To display the toolbar icons as large icons, select Large Icons; otherwise, click Small Icons.

• To hide an icon from the toolbar display, in the Show Buttons panel, select a button (CTRL-click to select multiple icons) and then click the Hide button (<). Conversely, to show an icon on the toolbar display, in the Hide Buttons panel, select a button (CTRL-click to select multiple icons) and then click the Show button (>).


You can also move a toolbar icon between the Hide and Show panels by
double-clicking the icon. To move all icons from one panel to another in a single step, you do not have to select any icons. Instead, click the appropriate Hide All button (<<) or Show All button (>>).

• To change the order (from left to right) in which the icons are displayed on the toolbar, select the icon, and then click Move Up or Move Down as needed.

3. Click OK.

The Customize Toolbar dialog box closes. The toolbar display is updated to reflect the changes that you made.

Main menu

Every time you open EMS, the main menu opens in the EMS main window. You can access the primary EMS system functions—Reservations, Reports, Billing, Configuration, and System Administration—from the main menu.

EMS main menu


The main menu is arranged in a Windows Explorer-style folder structure. The top-level folders are the system functions of Reservations, Reports, Billing, Billing, Configuration, and System Administration. The available tasks for each top-level folder are further organized into subfolders. For example, to carry out a system administration task, you must first open the top-level System Administration folder, and then open the correct subfolder to view the list of available tasks.

Opening a System Administration subfolder


You can always close the main menu by clicking the Close button (x) in the upper right hand corner of the menu. To open the main menu again, on the menu bar, click File > Show Main Menu.