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Overview of Publishing an Academic Term

After the Domain Scheduler has finalized the assignment of courses to rooms, either with the help of the EMS room optimization process or by using the scenario that was pulled from the SIS, the next step is to publish the course schedule for the term in EMS Academic Planning. Publishing the course schedule causes the system to book the space in EMS, creating reservations and bookings. If the EMS Academic Planning system parameter Manually update SIS is set to “No,” then the publishing process also updates course location information directly in the SIS; otherwise, the Domain Scheduler must manually update the SIS. Publishing an academic term consists of the following steps:

1. The Domain Scheduler publishes the term, which includes specifying statuses for courses in conflict and cross-listed courses. See Publishing a Term”.

2. If needed, the Domain Scheduler manually updates the course locations in the SIS. See Manually Updating Course Locations in the SIS”.

3. If needed, the Domain Scheduler can unpublish a previously published term. See Unpublishing a Previously Published Term”.