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Overview of Specifying Room Preferences

Set Preferences is an optional mode in which the Domain Scheduler can solicit preferences from academic units about the type of rooms that would be suitable for each course that they teach. These preferences can then be used to run an optimization, or to have EMS automate room scheduling based on preferences and additional user-specified criteria. To enable and use Set Preferences Mode, the following steps are carried out:

1. The Domain Scheduler enables Set Preferences mode. See Enabling/Disabling a Term for Set Preferences Mode”.

2. The academic units review courses and specify their room preferences and requirements using the EMS Campus Planning Interface (typical) or the EMS Academic Planning desktop client (if granted access). See Specifying Room Preferences/Requirements”.

3. The Domain Scheduler verifies and reviews the room preferences and requirements that the academic units have specified. See Reviewing and Verifying Room Preferences”.