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Importing a List of Visitors to a Meeting

Process Overview:

To import a list of visitors to a meeting, you will

  • Make sure your list of visitors is ready for import.
  • Navigate to the meeting you wish to work with.
  • Import your list of visitors.
  • Select the meetings within the reservation to which to add your list of visitors.
  • Confirm and finalize.
  1. Your list of visitors must be a tab-delimited spreadsheet that contains the information (in the order listed) for the visitors you wish to import. Each visitor must be a separate line entry.







Company Name

Text. 50 characters maximum.


Email Address

Text. 255 characters maximum.



Text. 50 characters maximum.



Text. No maximum.



Text. 50 characters maximum.


Tip: You can click Print Format on the second page of the Add Booking Details Wizard (described below) to see the required format for the tab-delimited file.

  1. Open the reservation from the Reservation Book.

  1. In the left pane of the Navigator window that opens, select the meeting for which you are importing the list of attendees/visitors, and in the Bookings pane on the right, click Tools, and then select Add Booking Details Wizard

  1. The Add Booking Details wizard opens.















  1. Select Visitors or Attendees, and then click Next
  2. The second page of the Add Booking Details Wizard opens with a blank row for adding an attendee/visitor to the event.


  1. Click Import. The Open File dialog box opens. Browse to and select your visitor list spreadsheet, and then click Import to import the file. The Add Booking Details Wizard is updated with the imported attendee/visitor information. Each imported visitor is a separate line entry in the Wizard.















  1. Click Next. The Select Bookings window opens, listing all the bookings within the selected reservation with a date on or after the current day’s date, and that do not already have the visitor list added.















Tip: To show canceled bookings, clear the Hide Cancelled Bookings checkbox. To hide them, select the option. To show all bookings regardless of date, clear the Hide Old Bookings option.

9. Select the meetings to which to add your visitor list (use CTRL+click or Select All to select multiple meetings), and then click Finish

10. A message opens asking you if you want to add more booking details. Click No

11. A message opens indicating that the changes were made successfully. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator. The booking detail (Visitors) and its items (visitors) are displayed as folders under the appropriate booking folders in the Navigator.