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Running the Resource Utility Conflicts Tool

Resource conflicts can occur if bookings for the same date and time require the same resource, and there are insufficient quantities of the resource to accommodate all the bookings. When you reserve any resource for which the inventory is maintained (for example, equipment, personnel, and so on), EMS checks the available quantity and automatically notifies you in an Inventory Conflict message if there is an insufficient quantity of the selected resource to accommodate your event.







You have the option of dismissing this message and over-committing the resource; however, although you are aware that the resource has been over-committed, other users will not necessarily be aware of this fact. If you need to confirm that an over-commitment of resources does not exist for a single reservation, then you can manually run the Resource Inventory Conflicts tool from the Navigator to generate an onscreen report that lists the resources that are in conflict by booking for the reservation.


To confirm that an over-commitment of resources does not exist across multiple reservations, run any of the various resource usage reports that are available. See Statistics reports in Generating an EMS Report”.

To run the Resource Utility Conflicts tool

1. Open the reservation in the Navigator. See

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

 “Search Tools”.

2. In the Bookings pane, click Tools, and then click Resource Inventory Conflicts. The Resource Inventory Conflicts report opens onscreen. The report lists the resources that are in conflict by booking. 

3. Optionally, edit the booking details for the involved bookings to resolve the conflict.

Resource Inventory Conflicts report



The onscreen preview of the Resource Inventory Conflict report contains options for printing a hard copy of the report, for emailing the report, and so on.