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Adding Multiple Comments and Reminders to a Reservation

When you add a comment or a reminder to a reservation from the Comments tab or Reminders tab, respectively, then you can add only a single comment or reminder at a time. To add multiple comments or reminders to a reservation in a single step, you must use an option on the context menu for reservations in the Navigator.


When you add multiple reminders and comments to a reservation, your only option is to select from a pre-configured list of comment types and reminder types. To add a user-specified comment type or reminder type, you must add each comment or reminder individually. See Working with Comments and Reminders in the Navigator”.

1. Open the reservation to which you are adding multiple comments and/or reminders in the Navigator. See:

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

Search Tools”.

2. In the left pane of the Navigator, right-click the reservation, and on the context menu that opens, click Add Reminders and Comments. The Add Reminders and Comments window opens. This window lists all the available pre-configured reminder and comment types in the Available list.

Add Reminders and Comments window


3. In the Available list, select the comment/reminder type, or CTRL-click to select the multiple comment/reminder types that you are adding to the reservation, and then click the Move ( >) button to move the selected comment/reminder types to the Selected list.

4. To enter the text for the selected comment/reminder types, select a comment/reminder type in the Selected list, and then click Edit. A Notes dialog box opens in which you can enter the text for the selected comment/reminder type.

5. After you have entered the text for a selected comment/reminder type, click OK to close the Notes dialog box and return to the Add Reminders and Comments window.

6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5 for each selected comment/reminder type.

7. Click Finish. A message opens indicating that the comment/reminder types were added successfully.

8. Click OK to close the message and return to the Navigator.