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Editing Booking Detail Item Charges for Multiple Items

You can edit resource quantities and billing information (price, pricing method, and so on) for individual items (see Editing Booking Detail Items for Individual Bookings) or you can use the Edit Charges tool to edit this information for multiple non-invoiced items.


To edit the billing information for invoiced items, you must first void the invoice. See To void an invoice”.

To edit booking detail item charges for multiple items

1. Open the reservation in the Navigator. See:

Opening a reservation directly in the Navigator”.

Opening a reservation through the Reservation Book”.

Opening a reservation through a group”.

Search Tools”.

2. In left pane of the Navigator, do one of the following:

• To edit all billable items in all the bookings for a reservation, select the reservation.

• To edit only the billable items in a selected booking, expand the reservation folder, and under the expanded reservation folder, select the booking that contains the items that you are editing.

3. In the Bookings/Booking Details pane, click Tools > Edit Charges. The Edit Charges window opens. If you selected a reservation, then all non-invoiced billable items in all the bookings for the selected reservation are displayed in the window; otherwise, only the non-invoiced billable items for the selected booking are displayed. .

 Edit Charges window


4. Optionally, on the Category dropdown list, select a category to narrow the list of items that are displayed.

5. To edit the quantity, pricing method, price, or discount percentage for an item, click in the appropriate field for the item and make the necessary edits.

6. Click Close. Any resulting recalculations are carried out automatically. The Edit Charges window closes and you return to the Navigator.